Gun Mayhem 2

How to play Gun Mayhem 2

Player 1 controls:
Arrow keys – movement
Z – shoot
X – throw bomb

Player 2 controls:
WASD – movement
T – shoot
Y – throw bomb

Gun Mayhem 2 is a thrilling war game. Here you will have gun battles with various robots. In the game, you only need to lay all the enemies off the stage while you stay on the table, then you can achieve the success of the game.

Gun Mayhem 2′ s Game Operations

In Gun mayhem 2, direction keys are used for direction control, forward and backward, and up keys can be used for jumping. The letter x can be used to drop bombs. Z is using to shoot and fire bullets. In the game, the only goal is to stay on the platform in the center of the screen and repel all enemies, or just let them fall.

The game features of Gun mayhem 2

You can choose a variety of weapons to attack in Gun mayhem 2, such as pistols, machine guns, etc. Secondly, you can customize the characters here and choose the model you want. In the whole Gun mayhem 2, with continuous upgrading, the enemy is facing more and more difficulties and more. For the first time, we are meeting a stationary Woodenhead, and then we may have a mobile robot or something else. You can aim in one direction and guard your opponent. Therefore, come here for an exciting adventure.

Gun Mayhem 2 is a top-rated flash shooting game.  You will choose the game mode you want to play and start a thrilling match of your own. You can only win the game by winning a duel., who also pays attention to the law of the jungle;  Only if you are brave enough and have your strategy can you kill your opponent and cleverly avoid his attack.

Return man 3 is a FIFA online game. You can feel the cheering and excitement of the stadium online.  When the ball is in your hands, you must protect it, and use your magic position to avoid the pursuit of opponents and successfully kick the ball into the goal.  Only in this way can we win the game.  Or come to riddle school to help the characters use their brains and escape from the school undetected.  But once you are found out, you will lose the game.

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